Vote Bobbi Ann Brady

In my 23 years working in provincial politics, I have spoken to many of you who have lost hope. You are worried about your future, the future of your children, and your grandchildren. You have grown cynical of leaders and governance – rightfully so. I have as well.

We must do politics differently. Around the world, voters are turning away from traditional political parties as they feel elites and special interests have infiltrated and highjacked the process. I have seen this in the party I was passionate about, particularly over the past four or five years. The grassroots are people like you and me, and we are solid in our principles; however, the leadership cares little about what we think, wanting us only for our money and our votes.

Will I split the vote in Haldimand-Norfolk — the answer is NO. I have been overwhelmed by the support and encouragement from all three main political parties. These folks are community-minded people. They understand Haldimand-Norfolk honesty and integrity should always win the day for our betterment.

Once Haldimand-Norfolk chooses me to represent at Queen’s Park, I will not be told to stand down on any issue due to party politics. What is vital to Haldimand-Norfolk will make it to the floor of the Ontario Legislature.

In Haldimand-Norfolk, we are proud of our small-town, rural way of life, and we take the challenges we face seriously. Therefore, we should always have the opportunity to talk about them! I have recently watched as local issues from all ridings were pushed aside in the Ontario Legislature, and they will be pushed aside in this election campaignaside in this election campaign by the major parties. I assure you I will continue to bring these local issues to the forefront.

Further, I am sure Ontario will see itself in a minority government situation. At which point, Haldimand-Norfolk will become the deciding factor on votes of particular interest to both the government and the Official Opposition – what fantastic positioning.

George Washington, by the way, was elected president of the United States as an independent because he witnessed the dangers of partisanship. We know political parties will continue to be the way forward; however, we must remind them from time to time that the power is as close to the people as possible, rather than in the hands of just a few.

Democracy seems to be in crisis. You and I can work together to fix this crisis by sending a clear message our vote will not be taken for granted. We cannot continually reward political parties for mistreating the very people they serve — it’s time to reclaim our power.

Together, let’s do what is right, and when we do, we will make history and change for our future.