Brady lauds Nanticoke’s hydrogen potential


NANTICOKE – With today’s announcement that Atura Power is looking at the possibility of hydrogen production in the Nanticoke Industrial Park, Independent candidate Bobbi Ann Brady said this announcement accentuates why there is no room for a housing development in an industrial area.

Atura, which is a subsidiary of Ontario Power Generation, is launching a feasibility study to focus on the commercial and technical aspects of developing a hydrogen facility. The study is being supported by Imperial Oil with the potential to use hydrogen to reduce emissions from the Nanticoke refinery. Atura is looking at the facility as a step to a net-zero emissions future.

“This, combined with the potential for green steel production at Stelco, is positioning the Nanticoke Industrial Park as a key piece in reducing Ontario’s emissions,” said Independent candidate Bobbi Ann Brady. “We need industries at Nanticoke Industrial Park not only as major employers in the area, but also as a part of Ontario’s green future. 

“Stelco has already made it clear the Lake Erie Works may close the Nanticoke plant within 20 years if the planned city of 40,000 goes ahead. We welcome housing development in the riding, but not in an industrial park.”

Haldimand-Norfolk MPP Toby Barrett also sees potential in hydrogen production at Nanticoke. “I feel this bodes well for the future stability of one of our area’s key economic drivers,” he said.


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