Bobbi Ann Brady is a straight shooter.  Bobbi Ann is known as the girl who ‘gets things done.’ as Executive Assistant to MPP Toby Barrett, Bobbi Ann has been fighting on behalf of people in Haldimand-Norfolk for 23 years.

Born and raised in Haldimand-Norfolk, Bobbi Ann has a deep-rooted pride for our area and its people.

Bobbi Ann has long given back to her community through amateur sports, volunteer organizations, and events outside her professional life.  She truly believes volunteering is a great way to broaden perceptions of the world while also enriching the lives of those around us.

Bobbi Ann Brady

Before serving the public, Bobbi Ann was a writer and editor of an area small-town newspaper.  Both callings have given Bobbi Ann an appreciation for the struggles and challenges people face daily.  Bobbi Ann understands everyone has a story deserving to be heard.  She is masterful at taking issues forward to Queen’s Park to ensure locals have a voice and knows government works for people, not the other way around.  At Queen’s Park, Bobbi Ann has a reputation of being assertive yet professional but makes no mistake the people she works for are in Haldimand-Norfolk — they come first.

Growing up in Delhi, Bobbi Ann is a graduate of Delhi District Secondary School and has a diploma in Broadcast Journalism.  She spent several years working in the fields of Norfolk County, worked in retail, is a small business owner and a freelance journalist.

Over the years, Bobbi Ann has traveled the province, lending her expertise to political campaigns.  Locally, she was Barrett’s Campaign Manager five times and has been instrumental in local federal campaigns.  The Ontario PC Party has recognized Bobbi Ann twice as Outstanding Campaign Manager and Outstanding Riding Association President.

Bobbi Ann has been a provincial and national gold medalist in the sport of kickboxing and has represented Canada on the world stage. When Bobbi Ann isn’t solving a problem or lending a hand to someone in need, she can be found in arenas, playing or spectating, or in the dojo where she is working toward her black belt in karate. She also enjoys cycling and working outside on her rural property. An avid reader, Bobbi Ann enjoys unwinding at the end of the day with a good novel rich with history, mystery, and memory.

Bobbi Ann lives in the quaint village of Lynedoch and has two children, Addison and Carter.