Bobbi Ann stands against the Liberal proposal of implementing a handgun ban in Ontario.

“Why would we implement a ban on legal, law-abiding handgun owners when they aren’t the problem,” Brady said. “Handgun shooting is an Olympic sport and is a recreational activity for many residents of the riding. To be able to own a handgun, there are two safety courses, a background check and many rules to follow. Instead, we should focus on the criminals and illegal guns.”

Bobbi Ann Brady

Brady also pointed to a 2018 Conference Board of Canada study stating that $5.9 billion annually was spent on hunting and another $2.6 billion on sport shooting. Ontario is home to two manufacturing plants owned by major firearms companies.

 “The suggestion of banning handguns will do nothing to improve public safety,” Brady reiterated.

She is also a believer that Haldimand-Norfolk is an area with high gun ownership and this would be an unfair imposition on residents. Brady plans on advocating for the suggestion that Ontario should have a civilian Chief Firearms Officer, as some other provinces do.

Pointing to the CBC claim that the Liberals are touting that half of Ontario gun deaths are self-inflicted, Brady said a better solution is mental health supports.

“The government invested millions of dollars in mental health supports during the past two years, but while working for MPP Barrett I heard from residents it’s too difficult to access these supports in our area,” Brady said. “That is something I aim to change.”